Why The Plastic Surgery is Preferred In Turkey?

Turkey is in the top of 10 countries where the plastic surgery is preffered. It continue to develop and has an important position in the field of the health tourism  with all the infrastructure, specialists, quality services, hospitals and successful treatment. Turkey made a significant improvements in this field for last 10 years, especially in the aesthetic surgeries.

Due to all these developments there is a significant increase in demand. Patients who have done the successful operations in Turkey are the good examples for the others. This increase the volume of patients in Turkey.


After the plastic surgeries patients return back with successful results


The doctors of SEM have the common opinion, that patients who undergo plastic surgery have a good opinion about the Turkey. After these surgeries,  patients leave our country happy and excited to express their feelings to the others, what helps to increase the volume.


 The success of the doctors in this field and the technological status of hospitals shouldn t be ignored. Turkey attracting people by prices with the correspondingly high quality and the good services. Usually the patients from abroud find more advantageous prices in Turkey. Patients who prefer Turkey for the health tourism also have an opportunity to see arround. However, it is not only because of the prices, we offer the best quality and a secure services.


Turkey Is On The Top of 5 countries In Europe


The International Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has announced that Turkey is on the top of 5 countries where the plastic surgery is performed the most. It shows how successful and powerful Turkey is in this field. Rhinoplasty and hair transplantation procedures are at the first places.


Which Countries Prefer Turkey For Plastic Surgery?


Usually we recieve alot of patients from Germany. Germany is followed by the countries of Arabia, Iran, Britain, Bulgaria, Russia, Belgium and Ukraine. Plastic surgery got an international succes in our country.



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