How Do We Count The Price Of Hair Transplantation?

The Hair transplantation prices are the most curious subject for who wants to have it. Hair is the most important element of aestetichal and physical appearance for both sides ( men and women ). The Hair Transplantation (with another medical developments) is the most preferable aestetich surgery in our country and arround the World. Thats why the most frequently questions are about the prices.

Usually the calculation of hair transplantation prices calculates individually. It depends on area ( where it should be transplanted ) and on the number of hair follicles ( we use it for  the grafts which should be determined). These are the important things which we should know before the hair transplantation. For this reason the doctor usually ask the patient to send him the pictures of head from back, front, left and right sides.
After it the doctor gives the basic information and can tell the cost of operation.

The are two methods which we use for the calculation:

1) The method by numbers of graft,

- We should know the area where the hair will be transplanted.
- The donor area and the quality of grafts should be determined.
- The numbers of grafts which are required for hair transplantation should be subtracted.
- We are providing the prices according to unlimited grafts as SEM
- The prices for  numbers of grafts (hair transplantation) should be calculated.

2) Standard package method,

We can consider that in standard package prices enters not only the cost of operation but is all inclusive. In this method which give the general prices of the number of hair follicles, the guaranteed numbers of grafts can also be given. The most important thing (for the price) is, that it should be done in the safe and good clinic by an expert, aestetic doctor. Only he can choose the right method which will be suitable for you. We should not forget that the collection and transplantation of the grafts requires the specialization and should overlap with each other. After the hair transplantation, it is important to follow up the doctor and to stay in touch with him.

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