DHI Hair Transplant

SEM provides you the highest technology on hair transplant operations. Another method in hair transplant operations is DHI technique. DHI is totally a painless operation with high success results in hair transplantation surgeries.

SEM doctors perform DHI hair transplant operations with implanter pen named as Choi pen.This hair implanter pen is  painless, and there is no need for shaving hair before the operation.

What is DHI Hair Transplant Method?

DHI hair transplant is another method in hair transplantation operations and it is recently one of the most preferred one for hair transplant treatments. After your first consultation, our doctors may suggest you this technique according to your hair diagnostic. We get very successful results on DHI operations. DHI technique has almost the same steps as FUE technique. The doctors take the grafts from donor area but they are not opening the channels in bald area, this time they are using implanter pen for planting the grafts with choi implanter pen directly.

Detailed diagnostic, proper counseling, and discussions before surgery help to avoid patient dissatisfaction. FUE was developed to avoid any complications but though it is a safe technique of surgery, it can be associated with complications as donor-site depletion, postoperative effluvium, too much graft planting, necrosis, subdermal cysts and keloid. But our medical team has the expertise to care for the patients surgery area, and each team member has the expertise to explain every detail to the patient not to have any problems after the operation. Complications can be avoided by careful planning and the expertise of the team.

How Implanter Pen Works on DHI Hair Transplant Operations?

SEM doctors choose the most quality grafts on the donor area for best results. The doctors use the micro motor machine for taking the grafts one by one like FUE technique. Collected grafts are tranferred into the Choi pen one by one. There is no need to open any channels in your bald area. The implanter pen is opening the channel and implanting the grafts at same time. It gives less damage and the operation takes less time. We are using local anestesia for the operation. You won’t feel any pain during or after the operation.

 The Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant Operations

• Our doctors open the channels and transplant the grafts at the same time with the implanter choi pen. It shortens the operation time.
• The transplantion angle degrees are more adjustable with this technique. Our doctors measure your hair growing degree at the first consultation and they use the implanter pen according to degrees of your hair. It gives you more natural look for your hair.
• The implanters affects the skin directly and they do not damage your head skin. The bleeding is decreased to minimum. And the other important advantage is that you won’t have any head or skin marks after the surgery.
• We do not shave your hair for DHI operation. Due to that advantage, women patients prefer DHI.
• 1 month after the transplantation by FUE technique, the new hair start to grow and the transplanted hair start to fall. In DHI, your transplanted hair won’t fall during the recovery period.
• Our doctors are performing the operation according to your density of hair. They perform the DHI operation on the area which need grafts.
• Our doctors measure the distance of your hair in the first consultation. We use the implanter pen with a thickness between 0,64 mm and 1 mm..
• The implanter pens are privately used only for you. That is more sterilised and the risks are minimized.

Experience and diagnosis are the most important criteria in DHI technique. The doctor must be trained in this method and should have expertise and experience. Istanbul is very important destination for hair transplant but you should choose the right team for your success result and health.

The doctors of DHI technique should be trained related to devices, special equipments they use during the DHI operation. As SEM, our doctors serve you in the most effective manner under our guidance.

Treatment Summary

  • 1
    Number of Operations
  • 1-7 Hours
    Operation Duration
  • Local anesthesia
  • No
    Side Effects
  • Immediately
    Return to Work
  • 1-7 Days
    Full Recovery
  • Continuous
  • No

Attentions: *To avoid any side effects, consult our medical team.Please


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SEM doctors are performing DHI hair transplant operations with implanter pen named is Choi pen . This implanter is providing no pain, no shaving before the operation and more density. The SEM doctors are also using implanters for direct implant to bald area.
The DHI technique gives less damage, quick growing and more strong hair. You won’t be tired after the operation due to DHI implanter technique. We are using local anestesia at the operation. You won’t feel any pain during the operation.
Our doctors are mesuring the distance of your hair in the first consultation. The DHI technique is providing that our doctors are transplanting the grafts regarding to distance of your natural hair. We are using the implanter pen which thinkness is between 0,64 mm and 1 mm. It means they are performing operation regarding to distance of original hairs.
The doctors are using the micro motor machine for taking the grafts one by one like FUE technique. Collected grafts are putting into the Choi pen by our doctors one by one. They don’t need to open any channel in your bald area. The implanter pen is opening channel and fixing the grafts at same time.

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