What You Need To Know About Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

The Health and Medical tourism economy in Turkey exceeded 1 billion dollars last year. With this given number the health tourism in Turkey took a place in the first 5 stages of worldwide. The health tourism visitors, come more and more to our country, to discover from all around the world, and to take their treatments according to their health needs and return back to their countries. What are the factors that make our country such a fast rising country of hair transplantation?

- More economical

The prices of hair transplantation surgeries in Turkey are more favorable. For comparing Turkey with European countries you can see the big differences between grafts prices. That is the reason why Turkey is choosen from the both side touristic place and health place.

- More professional

The prices of Hair transplantation in Turkey can be more favorable but it doesn’t mean that it provides bad quality or not a professional health care services. Doctor experiences and the high technologıc quality in Turkey continues to take the highest place.

-More touristic

At the beginning of branding the hair transplantation in Turkey, comes from Istanbul. It is one of the most preferred touristic city from the point of destination and also as a touristic, beautifull place. Everybody comes to our city for treatment as well, they are satisified with prices and enjoy the high quality services of Istanbul. The bigest advantage is that the patients are very close to their doctors after the operation. They also continous to receive the support from the service team.

- Highest quality
The health and medical tourism field supports to develop the country economy by investing in this field that the reason which push us to make it in the best way for reaching the visitors satisfaction. In many different treatments, especially hair transplantation. Currently in Turkey there are a lot of special companies who works in hair transplantation. The quality and good services of these companies, give the satisfaction to our guests.

As a SEM group our goal is to show in the next 10 years the performance,  to be one of the first companies that come to mind about the transplantations and other health services in Turkey. We know that we must work on it to show the difference in terms of quality and trust. We continue it with our experiences, knowledges of health to show that we deserve your confidence.

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