Who Can Perform The Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is one of the aesthetic operations performed to improve the health and quality of life among women. Every woman wants her breasts to be bigger and more upright. Sometimes it turns to a problem when the size and weight  does not match. It can cause, posture disorder, back pain, waist-neck hernia and spinal problems For this reason, the health problems much more important  than the aesthetical.



A breast reduction should be performed by the right specialists. You should be informed about every detail before the surgery. Before the breast reduction surgery, genetic inheritance, frequent weight gain, and breastfeeding processes should be controled.


When you can do the breast reduction surgery?


The development of the body for breast reduction surgery should be completed. It should be done after 18 years old. Before the operation the doctor's examination is important.  


Breast redaction operation known as a removing excess breast fat. The large size of the breast can cause: back pain, poor posture, head-neck-shoulder pain, difficulty breathing, collapse formed due to bra straps, rashes or yeast infections.  The main goal of correction of the breast, which causes both physical and psychological problems, to give the breasts more natural appearance. In addition,  the patients with the breast cancer should be examinated before the surgery.


In some cases, the breasts can grow due to hormonal disbalance or due to some metabolic diseases. Because of it in some young girls we can see the large size of breast. Breast size, which occurs after pregnancy and weight loss, can cause a problems after a while.


Our plastic surgeons in SEM are experts in the field and they have the successful results. If you have this kind of problems, you can contact us immediately via the form and get detailed information.


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