What You Didn´t Know About Liposuction Surgery?

Fat removal, known as liposuction, is the most common plastic surgery in the reshaping of the body. It is the most effective and permanent method for areas that have the exess fat, such as the abdomen, buttocks, arms and legs, or even the under jaw area. However, fat removal does not mean slimming, it means the removal of the excess fat from the problematic areas. It is very useful for people who want to lose weight in a short way.


Liposuction Is An Operation


Remember that liposuction is an operation. Your expectations after the surgery are very important for us. Before the surgery you should talk to your doctor.


You will be asked for a full health check-up before the liposuction operation performed by doctors of SEM team. If you have some metabolic disorder it can cause a problem during the surgery. Your skin scructure, subcutaneous muscles should be checked as well. The stretching can be applied if you have some problem with the skin structure.


The Liposuction Surgery Is Not Performed For Slimming


Liposuction is not an aesthetic operation for slimming. It is not a skin stretching process. Cellulite for example cannot be removed by this method. It is recommended that your body mass index be in a 30% slice, it means that you are close to your ideal weight. Your skin should be supple. You should  not smoke. It is very important for your blood circulation and your immune system.


Also, you should tell to your plastic surgeon about your allergies and medications you take regularly. It is recommended to stop taking drugs such as blood diluents and painkillers a few weeks before the surgery. Your doctor will also inform you about these details.


After liposuction, it is recommended to change your lifestyle, and pay more attention to your diet and exercise for a permanent and healthy appearance.



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