What Should Be Done To Achieve The Best Results in Beard Transplantation?


Beard loss is the biggest problem for men after hair. The most important part of the face (beard or mustache)can have problems . Now we have solutions for it. The aesthetic innovations that start with hair transplantation are also used for beard transplantation and have a very successful results. Regardless of genetic or hormonal reasons, beard loss is no longer a physical problem.

The beard transplantation can be done because alot of the reasons not only because of the beard loss. It can be also a deep scars, scars due to acne and acne on the face. However, you should be sure that beard transplantation is carried out by experienced and qualified doctors and competent clinics and hospitals. This is the only way to achieve healthy and successful results.

What are the conditions for beard transplantation?

As for hair transplantation, there are factors that should be considered for healthy and successful results.

- Donor area: The grafts areas are located between the two ears at the back of the head, with thicker and stronger hair follicles. In cases that the grafts are taken from different areas, there may cause some problems later, so the donor area should be preferred from behind the head.

- Number of grafts: The most important point is how much graft should be transplant for the area where the beard transplantation.The number of grafts for beard transplantation is also important for patients who want to have hair transplantation in the future, because it is necessary to consider the amount of graft to remain for hair transplantation.

Transplantation stage: The angle and direction in which grafts will be moved is a real specialty. Cultivation of the grafts the color distribution, angle and direction should be choosed by experienced doctor. In order to do this, it is necessary to examine the grafts which would be taken and to evaluate the aspects and angles of the existing beards very well. Otherwise,beard wont look natural. It remains different between existing beards.

- After transplantion: There are issues that need to be considered after beard transplantation. For example, smoking is the most important condition. It is even recommended that you stop smoking at least 15 days before the beard transplantation. It is an important condition for the success of the procedure and to have a healthy recovery time.

You should be use medications are given by the doctor appropriately. In this way, you will get through the crusting phase more easily. You should also take your medicines completely and do not use anything else.

After the procedure, you should shave in accordance with the doctor's recommendation, do not shave before and do not irritate your face.

All recommendations are for your health and the success of the beard.Your doctor and you should follow the important details for your quality of life and comfort.

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