What Are The Methods Of Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery in the world. You should definitely read the comments about these operations performed by SEM. At first consultation the doctor of SEM team will listen your needs after what he will tell what kind of methods will gonna use. What is important is to determine the method of rhinoplasty individualy.


There are two techniques used for rhinoplasty.


- Opened Nose Surgery

- Closed Nose Surgery


For both of nose surgery techniques the are advantages and disvantages.You should be informed about both of techniques and choose the right one by the recommendation of your doctor.


How Are Nose Surgery Techniques Applied?


- Closed Nose Surgery:


For the closed nose aesthetic technique, the surgeons use retractor. The specialist makes an insicion under the nasal wings after what he disapparate the skin to reach the cartilage. The most important advantage of this technique is the recovery. After it the swelling goes much faster. The duration of the operation is also much shorter than the other. However, closed nose surgery is an old method and correction of the nose by this method can be harder. Therefore, your doctor will decide the technique according to your needs.


Opened Nose Surgery Technique


Opened nose aesthetic technique is more preferred. During the operation the surgeon makes an incision between the nostrils. There are no scars after surgery. This is the most important advantage of opened nose surgery technique. In addition, is much easier to work with an opend area. Can be seen all the details which should be fixed.


 As with other aesthetic operations, you should definitely choose an expert and experienced plastic surgeon. All the doctors of SEM team offer the best services and results. Our priority is your happines.


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